Here we have our reluctant hero Philip...or pDog, his codename on the zombie infested streets.  All we know about our hero is what he knows about himself: he recalls little to nothing about his life in the months leading up to zombies invading, but he does know that he was a bit lethargic.

When the zombies came around they kinda "cured" his lethargy...zombies will cure any psychological impairment one way or another.

Some interesting facts about Phil are as follows:

-Practitioner of the "half-tucked shirt" style

-Hasn't shaved in six months.

-Has a padded pullover sweater as his zombie armor.  Padding is for protection as well as making Phil appear much more muscular than he actually is.

Height - 5' 10"


Weight - 170 lb


Age - 23




-Wears gas mask because it looks cool. Very vain.






-Always on guard

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Created by Philip Garabedian © 2015